September 02, 2021

Follow these 5 Steps in Achieving Radiant Complexion for Your Glowing Skin Goal!

Every woman deserves to flaunt smooth and healthy skin. Among all the organs of the body, our skin is the most visible to others. Having dull, dry, and lifeless skin is something nobody would want to have.

The good news? Skin-saving treatments are within your reach, with some of them probably sitting in your pantry, medicine cabinet or kitchen right now. Try these suggestions to get your #GlowingSkinGoals!

1.) Establish your skin cleansing routine
Our skin comes in contact with different environmental pollutants, dirt and smoke every day. Washing is the most basic and essential step in any skin cleansing routine. It is recommended to wash your face twice a day, morning and night, to avoid pore-clogging and acne.

It is also best to use a gentle soap or facial cleanser that doesn’t strip the natural PH balance of your skin, clog the pores, or suffocate your skin. The best example of this is Kandesn Beauty Bar, Sunrider’s “soapless” bar which cleanses without drying the skin, hydrates to leave it soft and smooth, and is ideal for overall body cleansing as well.


2.) Nourish Your Skin Through Healthy Diet
If you need more reasons to be serious about pursuing a healthy diet, then this could be your compelling reason why. A healthy diet helps you feel and look young!

Dermatologists suggest that a diet focused on eating lean proteins (chicken breast, tofu..), healthy oils (nuts), good fats (avocado…) and raw fruits and vegetables is best in supporting healthy skin. Why? Because it contains high-level of amino acids, the building blocks for firm skin, plus antioxidant-rich ingredients that promote optimal skin metabolism.

3.) Take probiotics
We may hear how beneficial probiotics are for our gut health, but did you know that it is equally helpful in maintaining our skin, keeping it healthy and glowing too? Studies show that probiotics can improve skin conditions and seem to have power in preventing wrinkles, increasing skin’s hydration, preventing breakouts and helping to repair the skin.

In choosing probiotics, you must ensure the product quality! Majority of the probiotics in the market are destroyed by harsh stomach acids, making it worthless. VitaDophilus®, our proprietary probiotic, is formulated with a protective apple pectin coating that insulates it from harsh stomach acids, to ensure fast-acting, maximum nutrient absorption.

Regain your confidence by investing in healthy, glowing skin! Try incorporating natural products into your skincare routine and experience the glow that comes from within.

Disclaimer: Do take note to factor in stress, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances and other health conditions that might affect your skin health as well. Hence, it is better to discuss with your care provider or dermatologist to seek advice.