September 01, 2021

Jogging: 8 Surprising Health Benefits Of Exercising Every Day

The effects of jogging are extremely good for your health and physique. Moreover, this is also a simple sport, easy to practice and suitable for all ages.

Jogging is a form of sustained running or trotting at a steady and slow pace. It is much slower than running but is faster than walking. The objective is to maintain your tempo without causing much strain to the body. This is less taxing on the body, consumes much lesser energy and thereby, helps to sustain for a longer time.

Learn 8 Benefits Of Jogging Below To Plan Your Workout Today
1. Helps to build strong bones, as it is a weight bearing exercise
Jogging strengthens the bones and prevents bone trauma and injuries. It improves bone thickness and wards off problems like osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It also makes the bones of the hip and the spine stronger.

2. Develops Muscles
Jogging helps your body become more toned. It works on the large muscles and develops them. It is great for the hamstrings, calf, gluteal muscles, etc.

3. Good for the Heart
Jogging is an excellent cardiovascular workout that boosts the health of your heart. It helps to keep heart problems and diseases at bay, by ensuring that blood is pumped faster to the heart and, thus, maintains blood pressure. Cholesterol and blood glucose levels are also under control.

4. Boosts the Respiratory system
Like any other aerobic workout, jogging enhances the lung capacity and strengthens the muscles of the respiratory system. This ensures that the lungs take in more oxygen and efficiently remove carbon dioxide. Thus, it improves the endurance of the respiratory muscles.

5. Builds the Immune System
Jogging promotes not just physical but also mental well-being. It makes you stronger and fights depression and stress, as well as reduce fatigue, boosts the production of white blood cells in the body and builds up immunity.

6. Provides Anti-Ageing Benefits
Jogging benefits for skin are such that you start looking more fresh and youthful. This is because exercise ensures that the skin receives more oxygen and blood.

7. Jogging Helps in Weight Loss
A half an hour jog easily burns around 300 calories. It boosts the metabolism and is more effective than mere walking. A healthy diet along with regular exercise will melt those extra inches that you have always wanted to shed. It not only burns fat but also helps you maintain your weight.

8. Keeps the Mind Healthy
Jogging plays a major role in improving the mental health of the person. When you jog, your body releases hormones called endorphins that help lift your spirit and make you feel positive about yourself. And that is why you feel calm and rejuvenated after exercising.

Health and Safety Tips to Remember While Jogging
Here are some tips to keep in mind while jogging:

  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Never eat immediately before or after the jog.
  • Inform a family member or friend before exercise outdoors. Also, tell them where you intend to go and by when you would return.
  • Do not play very loud music on your headphones or earphones.
  • Carry your cellphone with you. Raise an alarm or call for medical help if you hurt yourself while jogging.
  • You must increase your fluid intake and drink lots of water.

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While jogging every day can get you many health benefits, you should only exercise moderately, jog properly to avoid injury and exhaustion.

“Health is wealth”! May every goal you set be achieved in perfect health and yield you great health.